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This section of Obscure Finds Numismatic Coin Collection is made up of coins from a region/country named, or abbreviated as Switzerland. All coins found in this section of the Obscure Finds Numismatic Coin Collection Database were minted either in or for the region/country of Switzerland.

If you came across our website because you are holding a coin from Switzerland and want to know more information about the coin that sparked your interest in Switzerland coin collecting, you came to the right place! Most of our visitors find our website because they are looking for Switzerland coin facts, numismatic coin data or simple melt value composition of a coin they and now possibly you, came across from Switzerland.

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The Swiss Confederation was founded in 1291 as a defensive alliance among three cantons. In succeeding years, other localities joined the original three. The Swiss Confederation secured its independence from the Holy Roman Empire in 1499. A constitution of 1848, subsequently modified in 1874, replaced the confederation with a centralized federal government. Switzerland's sovereignty and neutrality have long been honored by the major European powers, and the country was not involved in either of the two world wars. The political and economic integration of Europe over the past half century, as well as Switzerland's role in many UN and international organizations, has strengthened Switzerland's ties with its neighbors. However, the country did not officially become a UN member until 2002. Switzerland remains active in many UN and international organizations but retains a strong commitment to neutrality.[1]

Switzerland is landlocked; crossroads of northern and southern Europe; along with southeastern France, northern Italy, and southwestern Austria, has the highest elevations in the Alps.[1]

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